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Leonie Persyn is an affiliated researcher at S:PAM - Studies in Performing Arts and Media, Ghent University. She was trained as a visual artist and as an art historian. Over the last years she developed her own research practice incorporating both academic and artistic strategies. Her research project titled: The sound of a Shared Intimacy focusses on the heautonomous functioning of sound to image within the context of contemporary performing arts.

Rita Hoofwijk (°NL) is an affiliated artist at SoAP – Space oriented Artistic Practices, Maastricht. Her work stems from specific locations or contexts and explores the possibilities of these spaces that define her practice. What arises is work of varying shape and scale, from spatial installation, to audio and text. It continues to ask for an attentive way of relating to our surroundings.  &

Kinga Jaczewska is an Antwerp based artist. She is trained as a dancer and choreographer. Her work examines the relation between movement and the perception of time. Fascinated by the idea that everything is in constant flux and transformation Jaczewska aims to bring focus to the overlooked spaces between the attention catching events and the continuity they often carry within.

'How to bring focus to the 'in between' without turning it into an event?' functions as the central question and guideline throughout her work. With this question she searches for different ways to make the Non-Event visible. Jaczewska's work includes performances, video works, installation as well as texts, drawings and photography.

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