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#2 HERE, (not anywhere)

A Series of Suggestions #2 is a collaboration between artist Rita Hoofwijk and researcher Leonie Persyn.


Here (not anywhere) initiated from Leonie Persyn’s invitation to unfold Rita Hoofwijk’s artistic practice and start a dialogue towards the future. The resulting collaboration is an encounter of two different perspectives from where essences and resonances reveal.


Here (not anywhere) is a search towards an artistic recipe, averse to ingredients, that allows us to question what exactly makes Hoofwijk’s practice her own. It is a field guide that is inspired by the idea of a cookbook. It focuses on the experience of creating, starting from the place where one cooks to the digestion of the meal. 


Here (not anywhere) is oriented towards recurring principles at the basis of Hoofwijk’s practice. It reveals how the works resulting from her practice originated in a specific ‘here’ that wasn’t anywhere and neither could be everywhere.


Here (not anywhere) questions how little one needs to do in order to create something. It combines the perspectives of the one looking and the one listening. It shows the richness and intimacy embedded in the encounter between a place, an artist and an audience member. 


Here (not anywhere) is an invitation by Leonie Persyn and Rita Hoofwijk to be engulfed by each other’s horizon, to sit down and stay a while.


A Series of Suggestions #1 is a collaboration between choreographer Kinga Jaczewska and researcher Leonie Persyn.

Schermafbeelding 2022-01-14 om 14.28_edited.jpg
Schermafbeelding 2022-01-14 om 16.06_edited.jpg

The common texture is our body provides an insight to the working process of Kinga Jaczewska and Leonie Persyn. It showcases a collage of the materials they have been playing with over the last years. It is a momentary constellation, a snapshot of a dialogue that keeps evolving over time and through which certain patterns and gradations in thinking and practice reveal.. It is both a de- and a recontextualization of thoughts and imaginations. It is an attempt to destabilize preoccupations and reorient their habits toward new possibilities and questions.


The common texture is our body aims to turn barriers into suggestions to work with in the future. In five different folders Kinga Jaczewska and Leonie Persyn explore five materials that frequently cross their practice and thinking. The different textures, characteristics and poetics of those carefully selected materials unfold multiple variations of their work.


The common texture is our body gives an impression of how Kinga Jaczewska and Leonie Persyn allow themselves to incorporate hesitation in their research practice and outcome in order to share imagination with each other and an audience.

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